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AlleKat news out break:  09 Sep 17

Hurricane Irma is particularly dangerous. Her condition is known by meteorologists as a "blind hurricane". It's hard to predict where she is going or where it is she will make land fall. As you can see from satellite photo's - Hurricane Irma's eye is not only small, it's full of clouds - causing a meteorological condition similar to cataracts or glaucoma (cloudy vision). "In layman's terms",  climatologists say, "Irma simply can't see where she's going, this makes 'where she goes and what she does' -- anybody's guess.




"Seek lovers who have the strength to be your friend, regardless of how deeply you touch each other. Seek those who are mature enough to take your hand  and gently lead you back to yourself, where you are independent, sovereign, and free."


"In spite of all effort - we will always be intimately connected with uncertainty. The best we'll ever do is flirt with her, embrace her, and love her with all we've got, she's the best of all possible companions in the best of all possible worlds."AlleKat 2017


“REAP, Libertarian Principles, Scientific Method, Objectivism, Love, Intellectual Competence and other tales of truth are not about telling people that monsters exist. People already know monsters exist. They are about how monsters can be slain.”
- AlleKat 2014

"Kids ARE better at BS detection than we think they are. This is because they have yet bought into (committed themselves) to the 'BS paradigm' that we continuously bestow upon ourselves, and each other. We can learn a lot from kids, they are real people and their minds have yet been fixed*." (*Folded, spindled, or mutilated)
- Craig A Simmons 1992 (for Onsite preschool Photo/Graphics)

"Probably the hugest burden to philosophy are the linguistic limits by  which things can be said and understood. All languages are inherently limited by, and subject to, the  paradigm / matrix / world by which they have been created. In short, if you are going to think outside of the box, your mind is that of a rebel. You are very, very much on your own."

 - AlleKat 552


Whoever said, "God doesn't play dice with the universe" was having a bad hair day.

On socio economics and the market.

"People don't always get what they ask for, but they always get what they pay for...
"Laissez Faire Capitalism is what it is. But there is no market for such a thing right now. If and when there is a demand for it - it will come.
It's that simple."  - AlleKat 2013


"The most effective method of ensuring job security for warriors, war machines, and the industries that profit from war, is to create enemy's faster than they can be killed. We do this well." - AlleKat ™ 2013


In our brave new world of order (NWO) -- how are we going to herd the cats?

Philosophical socio-economics can be boiled down to just two basic schools of thought, Individualism and Collectivism.


“I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.
 Enough rain to appreciate the sun more;
 enough happiness to keep your spirit alive;
 enough pain so the smallest joys in life appear much bigger;
 enough gain to satisfy your wanting;
 enough losses to appreciate all that you posses,
enough mystery to keep you asking "why?"
and I wish you enough Hello’s to get you through the final Good-bye…
and I hope we all live to learn ... nothing is final !"
- author unknown


"Paradoxes are controversial only in the "contra - verse" sense of controversial. Unsound combinations of words often contradict; unsound combinations of concepts often contradict, but reality (nor the truth  about it) never contradicts itself. To speak of things that are truly controversial, we must put semantics and rhetoric aside and  get sound with our words and our concepts. This is the only means by which we  can get sound with reality and explore real philosophy... which is often, hugely controversial"
- AlleKat™ 2013


"All known concepts of the universe (that we hear of) are most likely (at this point) man made. But the universe itself is not man made. It seems that man tends to approach theoretical physics assuming that humanity is a significant player in the cosmos. This is not so, but it is an understandable, egocentric, default position of all young, uninformed, sentient beings. Species who overcome this conceptual obstacle soon get outside of themselves and discover that chance favors them, that they have the stars; endless tomorrows."
- AlleKat™ 2013


On socio linguistics - (not much)
but here's all I got...
"I would never expect to fully (if ever) understand a person who's source of information, or awareness, comes from out side my scope (range) - of communication. For instance, the closest English can come to the concept love - From Chinese culture - is a Chinese word that only translates to the English term "want". You see the problem here? - Going around in Europe telling people "you want them", - however specific, accurate and true that may be, does not fair well with the ladies."
i.e. - When it comes to "communication" Men are all like eggs - we couldn't care less whether or not we get understood -- we just wanna get laid !



"Pack animals, including human, (no matter how intelligent) who's survival is dependent on the 'cooperation of others' ... can not have liberty. Unless, liberty can be universally defined and understood (among them) with regard to 'how it works' in their required 
'social paradigm." This is a catch 22 that is going to take some time to deal with, perhaps millions of years. As a Libertarian, this is somewhat discouraging, but I can live with it. - AlleKat™ 2012 



"The planet Earth's biosphere is sustainable - for the most part - because of a fine (temporary) balance between gusting solar wind and the planets magnetic field. It's ironic that these phenomena are not included in climatologists computer models. This irony, however, comes at no surprise to people who regard  "legitimate self interest in the truth" as hugely more important than the money making techniques of rhetoric and other methods of  governing human observation, awareness and intelligence."
- Allekat™  2012


"Democracy doesn't work for the same reasons mob rule doesn't work.
Most people feel 'a right to their own opinion' gives them 'liberty to their own facts'.
However, reality trumps everything -- including what anyone thinks about it.
 - May reason help us."


"What is the difference between "free trade" and "fair trade"?
Free? - You decide what you'll buy/sell, what you'll pay and what you'll do.
Fair?  - We decide what you'll buy/sell, what you'll pay and what you'll do.
This subtle difference makes all the difference."


"It is good, and right, to judge others, it is OK to discriminate, it's OK to disagree. No two people are created equally, grow equally, or learn equally. This is why it is important to disregard words that suggest following any leader or any doctrine. Build your thoughts, principles, and judgements only upon what you "yourself" can know and verify as true. Consistently question, re-evaluate and re-verify your knowledge. The very survival of humanity depends upon how well, as individuals, we do this.
It's important."
Allekat™ 2002


"Make love gently, safely, passionately, often, and with as many people as you can without getting shot by jealous people. Time spent in love, with others, is far more precious than any tangible thing you will ever receive - give - trade - share - or take from any living person on Earth, ... or at any star."  AlleKat™ 2002

Love is the only force which can make things one without destroying them. … Some day, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.
As quoted in Fire of Love 


"The only absolutely sure way to remove a person's capacity for morality is to
convince him that dying for the right doctrine gets them a better deal than living for the right reason. This is why it is fruitless to argue or defend moral principles or issues regarding right and wrong with those who include theology / mythology as a primary guide in their code of ethics. By default - these people have no capacity to conclude right from wrong, they can not retain moral principles or concepts."


News bites from the desk of AlleKat:
(Last years best)

* There is a Danish town in Europe. 7000 Population. They like to vacation in little private cabins - about the size of tents - on the beach - they consider them "summer homes". These people ride bikes a lot. No locks - anywhere. Different. There are three cops there that keep the peace among 7000 people.

* According to the U.S. Social Security Administration, one in twenty Americans are "totally disabled". 66 Million Gimps is a lot of people to take care of !
At one point, however, a study indicated that 1500 federal employees had remained on "disability", receiving Federal "disability checks" even after they returned to work at there federal jobs. - We have an "Honor System among us", is the word.

* The average human brain has 100 Billion Neurons. Each neuron emits about 1000 signals per second. Thus - 100 Trillion signals per second? We still wonder why we get confused?

* The disease "anorexia" does not exist outside of the United States. Strange. Americans (in general) are the most obese people on the planet.

* In 1991, investing in real estate was a “dirty idea" among intelligent investors. Milton Cooper was the first who managed to bring this “dirty idea” to the stock market. Since his initial public offering (IPO) in 1991 - stock values increased 1000%. Something had to give. It did. … October 2008.

* The thinking that gets you into a bad situation is never the kind of thinking that will get you out of it. When you find that you are up to your ass in alligators - Try something else - anything else!

* Where’s Magic Johnson? the poster child of AIDS (when Aids was first discovered - early 80s) He’s alive and well, wealthy, and still screws anything that will hold still!

* Shoveling snow is the #1 cause of heart attacks. Be careful out there. She (Nature) will be there tomorrow! Keep in mind - tomorrow is today's best labor saving device! Another idea is to go to the Caribbean for a few months. Remember snow melts on it's own.

* There is an overpass near San Jose, CA that has been "tagged" with gangster spray paint. To remove the eye sore requires a few gallons of paint, a sprayer, a ladder and a cop to stop traffic for 30 minutes. Cal Trans (CA transportation) has a better idea - their plan is to re-route traffic for a few days at an estimated cost of 40,000 USD. People have been complaining about the eye sore for 8 months. It’s seems like eye surgery, or brain surgery is a better plan! Is Caltrans in bed with ex Gang Bangers in need of a tax payer bail outs ?

* 100 years ago a general laborer needed to work 4 months to “own” a two bedroom house on a .4 acre lot. Now - he must work 30 years to “own” the same thing. It’s pretty clear what happened - but this very simply scam is buried in confusing socio-economic gibberish. - price indexing, inflation, sub prime mortgage lending … etc.



"Intellectual inquiry, philosophical understanding and principled thinking immediately and thoroughly get "round filed" the very second the Lizard Brain "Fight or Flight" emotion kicks in. What makes the ‘lizard Brain’ kick in? ... The Boogie Man ! … and his accomplice - The Unknown. They are the fundamental cause (and success) of every unwarranted influential institution, con, and myth on Earth."
- AlleKat™


"Problems occur when species evolve to the point of "self awareness",  among them is narcissism. All Species either overcome this problem (get over it) or fail to survive. This is why narcissism is so rare among living species. Nature is hugely specific with regard to what she'll tolerate, and for how long!"
 - AK

Narcissus and Echo

The Roman Version of the Myth – Ovid

Narcissus’ parents were worried because of the extraordinary beauty of the child.
Teiresias told them that the boy would grow old only if “he didn’t get to know himself”. When Narcissus was sixteen he was walking in the woods and Nymph Echo saw him and felt madly in love with him. She started following him and Narcissus asked “who’s there?”,
Echo responded “who’s there?”. This went on for some time until Echo decided to show herself. She tried to embrace the boy who stepped away from Echo, telling her to leave him alone. Echo was left heartbroken and spent the rest of her life in glens; until nothing but an echo sound remained of her.
Nemesis, though, the Goddess of Revenge, heard the story and decided to punish Narcissus. From this point the stories are similar; Narcissus sees himself in the pond and he is amazed by the beauty of the reflection. Once he figured out that his love could not be addressed, he killed himself.


"If a fourth (or more) dimension exists, it must - by definition and by default - exist within the three dimensions we know of. The dimensions length, depth and width encompass everything, infinitely. - AlleKat 1974
I better look up the word Dimension  .... But God forbid I'd ever catch AlleKat being
wr - wr - wro -  ....  Cat got my tongue on that one !


 Other quotes:
* “To be good is noble. To show others how to be good is nobler; and no trouble.” - Mark Twain.


* “We do not know One Tenth of 1% of one thing.”
- Thomas Edison


The ultimate hero wrote these words ....

Courage is the Price.
That life extracts for granting peace.
The soul that knows it not.
Knows no release.
From the little things.
Knows not the livid loneliness of fear.
Nor mountain heights.
Where bitter joy may hear.
The sound of wings.
- Emelia Earhart

File:Mantz, Ae,Manning, Noonan.jpg
                               Paul Mantz, Amelia Earhart, Harry Manning and Fred Noonan,
                                                  Oakland,       California, March 17, 1937

Earhart in 1928, when she became famous as the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, even though, she protested, she was only a passenger. Four years later, she made the flight solo.
Earhart in 1928, when she became famous as the first woman to fly across the Atlantic, even though, she protested, she was only a passenger. Four years later, she made the flight solo

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