Management Prospectus

Liberty Ship, Ltd

37 Bryan Cir
Carson City, NV 89706-1038

Captain Craig Simmons
(530) 227-3503
(available 24/7)

You can buy an island for 25 million, or get them all at a reduced rate -

This is the least expensive Liberty Ship prospectus design by Captain Craig.

A member’s only project 
Not a charter yacht 
(vessel not for hire)

You will be a fractional owner, a share holder, and a board member / managing member of a company managed similar to a US corporation.


The Santa Marina sailing in Bulgaria. (we may elect to purchase this vessel)

Member benefits:

On board living on a Yacht professionally crewed and managed 24/7/365 

Sail Plans include (at the discretion of the members) Inland passage, Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii, Tahiti and the Caribbean.

If you are interested in this project, or want help organizing a project similar to this on your own - Liberty Ship’s business plan and Articles of Association are available for $10. Click "buy now" at the top right column.



How are my maintenance fees used?

Docking, mooring, annual insurance costs, maintenance and upkeep of all aspects of the yacht from the engines to periodic dry docking. She will always be ship shape and ready to go unless she’s on the hard (dry docked for hull maintenance). A  chart of accounts are maintained and revenue not used for the project is returned to members February 28th following an annual audit of the books.

How are Capt. Craig and Karen compensated for their work:

Craig and Karen are semi retired cruisers rewriting the book on offshore investment strategies, vacation, fractional ownership / time share values -- and how they can be successfully managed. Our compensation is 40k per year and the honor of taking care of your vessel, increasing it’s value, and training it's members and crew. Capt. Craig (U.S.C.G. Veteran) and Karen Finley (a retired Nevada State management analyst) - will instruct each member in all aspects of the charter yacht business and how the managing members of the group can take the wheel and manage the vessel at a minimal expense. Craig and Karen, (with respect to the wishes of the managing members) after one year, release all interest in the project and go on to other projects. If the groups elected CEO  ever needs help or advise, we’re never more than a phone call away. We’ll be sailing right behind you.

What are Passage and docking fees? 

In general, the yacht will be moored at mooring buoys, anchorages or marinas that are very inexpensive, if not free. We'll use our own taxi vessel (which accompanies the yacht everywhere) to do most port / shore visits. Most anchorages around Mexico are free of charge. Hurricane holes (safe anchorages) in the Caribbean are free. All ports must (by international law) allow free safe anchorages, however, in the U.S., squatters can’t abuse the free anchorages without being harassed by harbor patrols. To avoid this - cruisers simply "keep cruising” and avoid squatting for long periods.

This is a pricey life style, how can this project be so inexpensive?

The Yachting industry is fraught with “superlatives”. Yacht captains (Glorified bus drivers) are now asking 200k annually. The average “for hire” charter yacht manager employs 2 lawyers, 3 bankers, 2 charter Brokers, 3 insurance agents and a fancy office of employees and salesmen who have long given up trying to justify their dead weight. Your Captain is Craig Simmons - a U.S. Coast  Guard Boatswains Mate / Port Security officer and a 44 foot motor life boat captain. He has a background in bar-restaurant-hotel management. He wants to get back to sailing and teach others how to do it without loosing their shirt. Good management is about following a basic set of rules, it isn’t rocket science and shouldn't be priced as such. In short, A Libertyship project is a not for profit organization involved in sharing paradise, not selling paradise.

What is the purpose of Captain Craig’s company; Liberty Ship LTD. ?

It’s in it’s name. One crew, one vessel, one company, one fleet at a time! The wind shouldn’t cost anyone a fortune!

The Liberty Ship’s business plans include charter operations “for hire” and plans that are strictly “members only” with minimal operating costs (This is what we are setting up to for Oct. 2015) Some projects included in the business plans are 1.7 million USD (16 member) projects which include 30k per week charter operations (to offset operating costs) and 5 star service. Each project is a debt free company in itself; based upon sound - tried and true business management principles. Our management principles are void of pricey “superlatives” and "funny business" so popular in time share, company share, co-op and fractional ownership projects.

How does this yacht plan work? 

1) Assemble members with respect to psychographic, demographic and social compatibility. 2) Assemble their investments in a secure third party Business/Escrow account. 3) Find, inspect, survey, and refit (remodel) an appropriate vessel, per members wishes 4) Create an acceptable Sail plan 5) Train all managing members (over a one year period) with respect to all aspects of the vessels management, maintenance, and safe handling. We share information about the various methods of management regarding both  for hire and private vessels which include licensing requirements, benefits of offshore registration (Charter of an international business company; where appropriate), insurance, the protection and security of each members assets, valuable interests, etc.

What if no person in our group wishes to Captain, Crew and Manage the vessel, what will happen when Craig and Karen release interest in it after their annual commitment to the project is up?

There are many things the members / share holders can do - hire a yacht management and maintenance company (not recommended) or hire an outside full time Captain/Crew. Craig and Karen assist in arranging and training  an appropriate cost effective management system (as members elect) before Craig and Karen release interest. The project will not be left high and dry. The primary purpose of Liberty Ship Ltd. is to create a good, self perpetuating 24/7/365 on board management and security system for every vessel and for every group. Craig and Karen will not go on to another project until effective management is in place (in accordance with the articles of association)  and all managing members are comfortable with their tasks and responsibilities. The managing members (board of directors / of which you will be a member) can also elect to fire Craig and Karen if they feel they are not doing an appropriate job.

May I use the Liberty Ship Ltd. business plan and articles of association (by laws) as a template to help me set up my own project with my own group?

Yes. However you can’t use the Liberty Ship name unless you stick with certain rules and business principles in it's Articles of Association. The Liberty Ship name is a trademark ... a “franchise”  of sorts.  Each vessel is it's own independent  legal entity (company) -- a hybrid creation of  Co-Op, Corporation, Limited Partnership, General Partnership which includes a  Chain of Command. It's Articles of Association are designed the way they are  for both legal and  practical reasons. They include  "checks and balances" necessary for the successful management, continued performance, efficiency, safety, quality and the perpetual life of each project.
Long Passages ...
I love to sail, I love living on the water, but I don't like long passages, such as sailing to Hawaii (3 weeks) or sailing to the south islands (6 weeks).
No problem. Your ship has a full time Captain and Crew. You can simply meet up with your vessel when she arrives at the "hot spots".
Missing Movement. - What might happen if I miss movement of the vessel?

Sticking with a sail plan is important, however being left behind is  virtually impossible. Other members and crew will always  watch your back. Also, your Captain's primary duty is the safety and accounting of all members, guests, and crew.
I only wish to live aboard part time.
No problem. This vessel can be used as your "summer cottage" or your "home away from home".  No food or drink expenses will occur whenever you are ashore, (members and crew replace only what they consume),  however, your 500 per month operation costs remain the same, regardless of your time on board. NOTE: You may purchase a 1/2 year share -- 10K investment, and be liable for only 6 months (monthly expenses) This is ideal for people who want to live a scheduled "half year" on the water.
I have the time and the money to do this. I have been dreaming about such a life style for many years, but the whole idea scares me half to death!
You are not alone on this. This is what the LS project is about (not being alone - ever, and being backed up by the very best 20 years of research, experience and principled character. You also have time; nothing in this business happens fast. Yes - there are a million things that can go wrong - or worse. The LS project (by default and by design) takes care of the details (the small stuff). All I can say? Call me - (Capt. Craig) share your concerns with me.
Keep in mind, 3 things 1) A ship in a harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are built for 2) When your ship comes in - quit waiting at the airport; 3) If your ship does not come in - swim out to it.
- Your partner, Capt. Craig Simmons (530) 227-3503    
Important Notes:
All Liberty Ship managed projects adhere to strict KYC (know your customer)  procedures and regulations. We comply with all laws within  all  jurisdictions  traveled and work closely with both the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. SEC and the MCA (British Coast Guard).

People who wish to profit by reselling shares, sub letting their time on board, hiding (laundering) money  or using a Liberty Ship managed vessel for illegal purposes whatsoever will have a hard time here.

A note from your Captain:
“Good business management needs to be founded upon moral - scientific principles that are indisputable, universally correct, and true. They need to work like an unwavering star that indicates... not where to go ... but how to get there. The principles must work similar to how an “invisible hand” works in a free market, among free minds and free people who all - independently choose their own course.

When this kind of management is done well, no one sees it. No single person gets credit, things just seem to work and feel right. It’s like “tacking close to the wind” or the "invisible spirit" that makes a thing infinitely more than the sum of it’s parts.

When in charge,-- Know the rules. Know the principles, Know the risks - 'impeccably' and always keep in mind, when the chips are down, or when things go wrong - or worse ... In the event you have been elected to command? … 'Command”.

- Captain Craig Simmons CEO, Liberty Ship Ltd.

A hard copy business plan and articles of association are available. Price - 10 USD to cover printing, shipping, handling, and 20 years of research and experience! : ) Click "buy now" on the right column top.

Potential for profit.
* Investors have asked, “Why not buy Liberty Ship shares, then sell them at a profit a couple years down the road when the economy recovers?” This is not a good idea. The investor is responsible for finding his own buyer. - Also “If the group elects to remain a Liberty Ship certified project (very likely) - All transfers of shares are subject to 1) The discretion of the groups appointed CEO / Captain. 2) Transfers must comply with LS Articles of Association which include Due Diligence, Know Your Customer Policies, and the legal registration of the beneficial owners (actual owners) of the shares -- regardless of the jurisdiction (Country) where the corporation (group) is chartered (legally established) or where the vessel is registered (flagged). There are many rules which regulate the transfer of shares.
* Share holders may elect to charter the vessel to the public at offset operating expenses. Plans like this are written up in the LS Business Plan, however Craig and Karen are not promoting such a plan for the current project under way.
* Tax benefits. Your tax advisor can give you advise with regard to considering this an investment of depreciating value. Of which it is not. Also, this can be considered a business of your own - your participation and management of it surely qualifies this as your own business venture, and thus allows you to write off expenses as you would any other venture. However, keep in mind, there are huge differences in legal considerations regarding the difference between a Private Yacht and a Yacht for Hire.
The Project we are promoting for 2015 is strictly a "private yacht" operation. It's very important to review the exact project you are considering with your tax advisor or lawyer if you are considering an LS managed project to help with tax write offs, or tax avoidance. There are many benefits and money saving aspects in how each project is set up and managed, especially with regard to security, safety, protection from frivolous litigation, wealth management, etc.  However, I doubt an LS certified project would work well as a "money making" opportunity.

Note ... Banks will not finance a boat more than 30 years old. When boats turn thirty their prices drop dramatically. Theoretically, a 100k vessel - refit and turned to a well managed charter vessel  may become, as a business -- worth 500k. So there is potential for profit - but it’s a risky bet.

Profit and increased value is influenced by many variables; patience, objective management and the ability to insure that good policies and principles are followed.  Investment bankers call this “Good Will” and this can hugely increase the share value of a company or organization beyond the total sum of it's assets -- “The spirit that makes a thing more than the sum of it’s parts”. This kind of knowledge must be managed carefully and extremely objectively, otherwise you wind up with companies like AIG, Meryl Lynch, Lehman  (corporate welfare  recipients)  run by  Gilymen suffering identity crisis’ such as Freddie Mae and Fanny Mac. I understand this is a "cheap shot" -- but I have no respect for incompetence, neglect, crooks or Ponzi schemes.
- Capt. Craig                                                           











































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