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On the latest Supreme court ruling in favor of the baker who refused service to a same sex couple:

The media (even Fox News) is telling us that the US supreme court was designed to reflect the sympathy of the people. 

Huh? Did anyone actually teach this? Where? From what wise psychotic beast are we chewing such gnawledge? 

The creation of the Supreme Court was one of two last ditch efforts (along with the trial by jury) designed to protect our constitutional republic from: 1) mob rule (aka democracy), 2) psychotic people. It was never intended to sympathize with the majority, it was designed to protect the republic from weird people.

Asking a Muslim baker to make a cake with defamatory images of Allah -- is a psychotic, queer request, this is why God gave us language, namely the term "NO".  

I sometimes wonder what happened to the statement: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" remember that sign at Denny's? What happened to it? What's going on with us? Have we truly lost our capacity to make sense of reality? Have we lost our ability to respect other people? Are we doomed to forever turn to lawyers to give us insight regarding principle, respect, character,  reality and common sense?

It seems our minds are no longer passing the smell test. Are we all to run our businesses like Starbucks and United?; cowering to the wishes of nut cases who refuse to respect simple business and social contracts?  - Are we becoming unwilling, unable to make judgement calls  without guidance from of the Supreme Court?

AlleKat News Outbreak 12 Jan 2018

A woman who, as a child, immigrated from El Salvador to the U.S., expressed outrage regarding President Trump's private  wording  regarding her native "s***hole country" The presidents remarks were leaked from a private meeting, but nothing is private.
After the interview with the El Salvadorian, when camera's quit rolling and privacy seemed possible, a reporter asked, "So really Ma'am, off the record, why did your parents immigrate to the U.S.?".
"Are you kidding",  she said, "That's a stupid question, everybody with half a brain knows El Salvador is a shithole country."

AlleKat news outbreak 13 Sep 17
If there is any question regarding how deep the swamp is, and why it will never be drained; we need look no further than the only bipartisan agreement possible today: Spend more money at the expense of future generations / make  the swamp deeper / make irresponsible government bigger.



AlleKat News out break 21 AUG 2017
Solar Eclipse observation:

"It's safe to assume, 'something's wrong with their thinking', when you see millions of them  chasing a shadow?" AlleKat 2017


AlleKat™ News outbreak 05 Jun 2017

On Tiger Woods (taking a Nap)

News (however skewed) is worth observing because it tells us about a people's current state of mind, categorically. The latest international news about a man arrested and caged for taking a nap -- tells us a lot.

The story is about a man who did not want to be where he was, but couldn’t drive safely, he stopped driving and rested. He did not hurt anyone nor was he attempting to hurt anyone. He was not in anybody's precious way.

Any person in their right mind would have let him be. Those who suffer from OCD, have a big heart, or consider it a moral duty to help people, might have offered him a ride, taken him to his home or hotel, then later -- or the next day, helped him recover his car. Back in the day, even cops considered this  typical behavior toward fellow man.

When I speak of the majority of us as “categorically” turning psychotic. I really mean it. I can prove it by sighting peoples behavior, what types of behavior make headlines, the laws (social policies) people make, and what it is that makes people salivate.

SANE people never salivate over stories regarding their fellow mans misfortune. Nor do sane people condone behavior, social policy (laws) that needlessly, continuouslly cause misfortune.

AlleKat™ 2017

It would also be nice if news would  quit glorifying terrorists and serial killers by posting names and photo's.

While being interviewed by Fox's "Oh-really factor". Bill O'Reilly  said to Trump "but Putin is a killer" Trump said something like, "Yea, people kill, you think we're so innocent?"

I never thought such honesty from an American president were possible. What he's trying to say is this: We'd better drop our narcissism long enough to turn away from the mirror and look around. When dealing with enemies, it's important to see them , and, even, more important to see how they see you!! Both left and the right media outlets have  problems keeping such straight forward,  blunt  honesty in logical  perspective, and so they're saying "Trump is saying we are equivalent to Russia! We should never get along with Russia", they say, "Putin's a KGB Killer - how dare Trump compare us to Putin?"
This media response is a huge example of ignorance and narcissism.

Trump said, "I don't know if I will get along with Putin. I hope so."  Straight forward honesty is what got Trump elected, it's ironic that he will spend his entire term being attacked for what caused his win -- intelligent, innocent, straight away honesty. I pray he can stick to his guns and doesn't cave in to media and ignorance -- but I repeat myself.



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Captain's Blog said...

A short version of the same point...
To "get moral​" -- people must learn to avoid irrelevant distractions. They must turn in their voodoo dolls, give up the circus magic and quit dickering about who's god is the best. It's time to grow up and get real, . . . or die battling over 'who gets to beat the dead horsey'." - AlleKat 2015